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The Mindspo Breath Method - Full Payment

Are you an anxious, overwhelmed millennial?

Enrol in this online course to embody more peace and calm, and experience more joy in your life (it’s a journey of euphoria and relief!).

Seriously - If you’re serious about experiencing less stress, and more calm, there’s never been a better time to makeover your mindset than now.

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Included are:

- A totally transformational Breathwork program to equip you with the tools necessary to experience more euphoria and relief
(worth: $399)

✓ A set of easy-to-follow techniques you can use day-on-day for the rest of your life
(worth: $199)

✓ A 21 day challenge to kick start your progress and keep you on track
(worth: $199)

✓ 2x LIVE Check ins (with a Q&A component part) during your challenge to make sure you make the most of it
(worth: $280)

✓ A set of signature Breathwork journeys (40 mins each!)
(worth: $420)

✓ An exclusive Facebook community to connect with Sara Silverstein, your personal Breathwork guide 
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There are women all around the world in the exclusive community RIGHT NOW waiting to welcome you with open arms inside, where they too are working on having less stress, more calm… and enjoying each and every moment.

What People Are Saying:

Breathwork with Sara was deeply healing. She is an amazing leader. Something worldly and magic lives in her when she is holding space for others. She is channeling something that is deeper than what we encounter in our day-to-day lives, a stream of universal love which allows you to fully unravel and see yourself. It's profound to feel and witness that sort of power that cannot be faked or forced.

Henley Worthen

Working with Sara has been an amazing experience! I went to my first Breathwork class a bit nervous and unsure of what might happen. As soon as Sara sat us down to open the space I was at ease and knew I was safe. Following the session I had a new love for everything. I had more love for the people around me and most importantly love for myself. I was glowing!

Danielle Thompson

Sara's ability to crack open your heart and witness your growth is not something I've come across in another person. I've done Breathwork with several other practitioners but have never delved as deep as I have with Sara. She holds space like no one I know. She holds your hand while guiding you through the ride of a lifetime. The perfect guide for whatever your journey may be.

Catie Cushing